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How One Dyslexic Speed Reads – Q & A

By Dr. Matthew Schneps

A number of people have asked me some questions in response to Winston’s blog.

Q: Do you start off reading a 650 words per minute or do you have to build up to it?
A: No. You have to build up to it. […]

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Why Support Audiobooks?

Voice Dream Reader was always about text-to-speech, so whenever I was asked to add audiobook support, my thought was, why would I do that? Audiobooks and text-to-speech are competing technologies. I need to stick with my specialty, particularly since Voice Dream Reader is widely considered the best text-to-speech app in the market.

Two months ago, an organization, Swiss Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired and Print Disabled, approached me and offered to underwrite the development of audiobook support. Specifically, support for DAISY 2.02 audiobooks. While I appreciated that someone would pay me to add a feature to my app, my first instinct was to politely decline. […]

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Customer Profile: James Nuttall, Educator and Author

I worked at the State of Michigan Department of Education for 30 years. Currently I work as an assistive technology advocate and education consultant. I love learning about new assistive technologies, and recently published the book Dyslexia and the iPad – Overcoming Dyslexia with Technology.

How long have you been using Voice Dream Reader?
I have been using Voice Dream Reader since it came out in 2012. I have dyslexia. I have almost everything read to me on my iPad. Voice Dream Reader is one of my favorite apps.

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Release 2.8: Create Your Own Reading Experience

I’m delighted to introduce Voice Dream Reader version 2.8. The new release brings capabilities more advanced than any voice reader on any platform or at any price. The result is a whole new level of flexibility to create your own reading experience.

Personal Pronunciation Dictionary

Don’t like how a voice pronounces a word? Want to skip repeating header text in a PDF document? Release 2.8 introduces a powerful personal pronunciation dictionary. You can tell the speech engine to pronounce a word as if it’s a different word. For example, “lol” can be pronounced as “laughing out loud,” or “MAD” as “M.A.D”, spelling out the acronym rather than saying it as a word. And you can skip any text so they’re not spoken at all.

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