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Absolutely love it ★★★★★
by ReBoooot – Version – 1.0.1 – Feb 3, 2015

I have mentioned on numerous blogs and speaking tours that voice dream reader helped me edit my book. Now they have created my dream (pun intended) software, a tool that is actually designed from scratch for that purpose. Well done.

Don ★★★★★
by Overdaedge – Version – 1.0.1 – Feb 2, 2015
I typically avoid reviewing apps, but Voice Dream Writer deserves some special accolades. For me, the best way to improve my writing on the fly is to listen to what I have written, and this app does just that. I’ve spent substantial money on a pile of other apps, some of which are commendable, but here I have finally found a home.

Dream Writer ★★★★★
by loisann0 – Version – 1.0.1 – Feb 1, 2015
Just wanted to thank Winston Chen on his excellent product, I only expect top quality from anything he makes. Just purchased DREAM WRITER a couple days ago. I have to tell you I greatly appreciate it as much as VOICE DREAM READER which I bought a couple years ago. Mr Chen is constantly improving his products and listens to customers ideas for improvements.

Good start ★★★★
by GameJokey – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 31, 2015
This is a great start for this app. I’m impressed. However I do have to say I cant find any way to contact the developer of this app. I looked all over his website and their is no contact info that I can see. I have some improvement ideas for him but I cant fine his email. He even says to email him in the help document but how do I do that?

A Real Gift to Writers ★★★★★
by CGtina – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 31, 2015
I proofread my first novel using VoiceDream Reader which showed me how much you or others can miss just using visual proof reading. Hearing what you wrote gives you a sense of what other people will hear as well as giving you a chance to think if there was a better way to say something. I found out about Voice Dream Writer when I wrote to thank the developer for reader. He said he would be beta testing Writer soon and offered to include me. I jumped at the chance and started a new novel just to see how it would work for the actual writing. I was quickly addicted to it and really miss the word feedback anytime I have to use a regular word processor. Being able to write in Voice Dream Writer and then export the content to Pages or transfer it to Scrivener to work on the organization for the finished product is just perfect. You can get iOS to read text aloud, but this is far superior and built with tools designed for writers. The only thing you need to remember is that homonyms are tricky for the speaking engine. The rules come with the voices and they don’t have the contextual knowledge to choose the correct pronunciation. Gets it right about fifty percent of the time. Wouldn’t be without it now.

Dyslexics, dysgraphics, and those with poor spelling- this is the app for you! ★★★★★
by DeadWriter – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 30, 2015
First off, this app does not offer the ability to add non iOS voices. See the developer’s other app for that. Second: Fantastic customer service! Third: BEST SPELL CHECKING FEATURES OF ANY WRITING APP! It offers a list and speaks the words it offers as possible corrections. It also highlights all misspelled words. I have used a number of other writing apps, many with TTS. This one is a fantastic tool that will likely only get better with each update. Pros: Best spell checking features of any writing app I have ever used! It has a clean, crisp and intuitive interface that makes it a wonderful text editor. It supports some minimal markup to quickly format text as one writes. It highlights text, has spell checking features that other apps lack. Did I mention fantastic customer service! Cons: No additional non iOS voices available (yet?), lacks some other minor features that non TTS writing apps offer. Really, I would be picking nits if I offered a list of improvements. I recommend this app for anybody that wants a near minimalist writing app with good integration of Text-To-Speech (TTS). It has a great user interface. It is also offers spell checking tools not found in other apps that I have used.

Absolutely excellent! ★★★★★
by Signlaw – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 29, 2015
I know this was probably developed for visually impaired and blind folks. I have to tell you that I used it extensively today – and I’m sighted individual. I used it today to complete a report with about a dozen pages. Very excellent. Accurate to a higher degree than anything else I’ve used. The iPhone’s speech to text kind of jumps when you dictate. However the Voice Dream Writer writer, just like the Voice Dream Reader, is one of the best tools I’ve ever used. I really like it. There may be some tweaking to make slight improvements later. I know the developer will work on that. And the, I’m going to put in a plug for the Voice Dream Reader, a great way to read books and novels and even articles you download, while on the road.

Innovative writing app with robust voice/speech support ★★★★★
by SpringfieldMH – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 29, 2015
Innovative writing app with robust voice/speech support and dynamically updated manipulatable outline… and more. Looks promising for both normally sighted and visually impaired writers. Check out the video on the product’s web page to get a good feel for it, including some features that the written description doesn’t do justice to. I’ve purchased it to try it out for mobile dictation and proofing.

A Writer’s Best Friend ★★★★★
by D. Davis – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 29, 2015
I have it–just purchased Voice Dream Writer. So far, my favorite part is the automatically generated outline structure; I believe this will prove invaluable for me. Mr. Winston Chen may’ve outdone himself. I also like the meaning search. Just giving everyone my initial impressions, this is wonderful. Voice sharing with Voice Dream Reader is a selling point, as the voices are so important for me. It’s the variation, imagining what a character might sound like using the voices library ( so, more voices please). I’m hoping Mr. Chen will add more. Dialogue comes alive with quality voices, helping a writer to create authentic, original characters–a writer’s best friend. I don’t normally write reviews, but this app, along with Voice Dream Reader, is deserving of 5 stars. Bravo! D. L. Davis

Changed How I Write ★★★★★
by AuralReader – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 29, 2015
Of all the unique features in this app — and there’re quite a few — I found text to speech proofreading to be so useful that I can’t imagine writing anything long without it. The developer clearly thought deeply about the writing process and created something that does the impossible: Making me a better writer. Also very impressed about the maturity and richness of version 1.0. Now I can use Amy, my favorite voice. yah!

Fantastic writing help ★★★★★
by Xandis – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 28, 2015
This is an amazing app (like a voice dream reader). I can’t believe how much hearing your writing does to point out weak or confusing passages. I’m traveling/commuting daily and not usually in a decent place to read my work aloud, as suggested by many professional writers and instructors. Well, this app will do the trick.

Great! ★★★★★
by The Ever Visualist – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 28, 2015
Very innovative app with some really clever features. It will help a lot of people write with fewer mistakes.

Voice Dream Writer ★★★★★
by Braille Touch – Version – 1.0.1 – Jan 28, 2015
This app is amazing check out Voice Dream reader as well. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! This is amazing!