Voice Dream Mail Quick Reference

Message Screen Gestures

  • Single Tap: Play or pause
  • Swipe Up: Flag the current email
  • Swipe Down: Trash the current email
  • Swipe Left: Previous email
  • Swipe Right: Next email
  • Double Tap: Reply
  • Tap and Hold: List additional commands
  • 2-Finger Tap: Go back to Inbox. You can also swipe right from the left edge of the screen to go back.

Additional Command Screen Gestures

  • Swipe Left: Previous command
  • Swipe Right: Next command
  • Double Tap: Execute command
  • 2-Finger Tap: Go back to Message Screen. You can also swipe right from the left edge of the screen to go back.

Reply Screen Gestures

  • Single Tap: Start or stop dictation
  • Swipe Up: Toggle between Reply and Reply All
  • Double Tap: Send
  • 2-Finger Tap: Go back to Message Screen. You can also swipe right from the left edge of the screen to go back.

Settings Up Email Accounts

Voice Dream Mail supports IMAP email services only. It does not support POP3. Most popular email services support IMAP. For Gmail and any other Google-based email, Yahoo! Mail, iCloud, AOL, and Outlook.com, you simply need to enter your email addresss and a single password. Passwords are securely stored in iOS Keychain. For other email services, you will need to obtain IMAP settings such as server name, port number, security setting etc. either online or from the system administrator.

Microsoft Exchange Servers are support only if IMAP is enabled. Please contact your IT support to obtain proper IMAP settings.

Upgrade To Pro

Pro upgrade adds two features to Voice Dream Mail:

  • Reply By Voice Dictation
  • Multiple Email Accounts

Pro upgrade is either a 1-month or 1-year subscription. The reason for subscription rather than a one-time fee is that we use Nuance for dictation, and we have to pay Nuance per dictation session. The quality of voice dictation is equal or better than Siri. (Developers do not have access to Siri dictation.)

The subscription does not renew automatically. When your subscription is about to expire, you’ll be notified so you can extend it if you like. You’ll also receive a notification after it expires. After expiration, you’ll no longer to be able to dictation replies, and only the top email account will continue to receieve new emails. All other aspects of the app will continue to work normally.

You can extend your subscription any time. For example, if you buy 1 month first, and before the month is over you buy 1 year, that 1 additional year will be tacked on from the end of the full month.

Dictation Hints

When you’re dictating a message, you need to speak punctuations. Here’s list of commonly used punctuation and how to dictate them:

  • “New Line” or “Next Line”
  • “New Paragraph” or “Next Paragraph”
  • & “ampersand” or “and sign”
  • . “period”
  • : “colon”
  • ? “question mark”
  • ! “exclamation point”
  • , “comma”
  • = “equal sign”
  • @ “at sign”
  • / “forward slash” or “slash”
  • - “hyphen”
  • ‘ “begin single quote” or “open single quote”
  • ‘ “end single quote” or “close single quote”
  • “ “begin quote” or “open quote”
  • “ “close quote” or
  • “ end quote”
  • ( “left parenthesis” or “open parenthesis”
  • ) “right parenthesis” or “close parenthesis”
  • % “percent sign”
  • $ “dollar sign”
  • # “pound sign”
  • ° “degree sign”