To enable iOS 7 voices in Voice Dream Reader

  1. After you update to 2.8.3, a voice is automatically enabled based in your locale settings. Say your phone is set to UK English, then the UK English voices is automatically added.
  2. If you want to enable another voice, go to Voice Store, and select the iOS Built-in voices from the bottom of the window. Then, you can enable the voices you want.
  3. If you need to enable an iOS voices in another language, go to Settings-Voice Store, and first select the language you want using the button at the top right, and then enable the iOS built-in voices you want.

To enhance a voice in iOS 7:

  1. Go to Settings of your iOS device (not Settings in Voice Dream.)
  2. Go to General-Accessibility-VoiceOver-Language & Dialects
  3. Tap on Default Dialect
  4. Select the dialect you want to enhance, like “U. S. English”
  5. Turn on the switch for “Enhanced Quality”.
  6. Wait until download is complete.