I’m an Assistive Technology Consultant in private practice in the Greater Boston area. Additionally, I work part-time in the Newton Public Schools as an AT Specialist. I also blog about a variety of technology topics that support students with special needs here.

How long have you been using Voice Dream Reader?
6 months.

Why do you use Voice Dream Reader?
Voice Dream Reader helps students who struggle with access to grade level content. The app allows students to independently access text; otherwise they are often dependent on others reading the text to them.

I’ll give you one example. Recently I showed Voice Dream Reader to a high school student who was reading well below grade level. He was essentially reading at the second grade level. Using the customizability features in Voice Dream Reader, the student was able to adjust the font, font size and color combinations and adjust the voice’s pace to a speed that allowed him to comprehend grade-level text without depending upon an adult. The student was thrilled because he can read material on his own with the rest of the class.

What’s your favorite feature?
It’s difficult to limit it to one feature. I love how Voice Dream allows students to access text from a variety of sources, including Dropbox, Bookshare, Google Drive and the Web. I also love the ability to create highlights within the text and extract them to share via email.

What’s your favorite Voice Dream Reader voice?
Queen Elizabeth is fun to show off but most students prefer other voices.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about the app?
I recently made a tutorial video highlighting some of Voice Dream Reader’s features. It really is a dream app. Check it out here.