File Management

  • Choose between local storage and iCloud Drive storage
  • iCloud storage synchronizes your files across all iOS devices and Mac

Import and Export

  • Import text files
  • Export text, HTML, RTF, Microsoft Word and Apple Pages files
  • Import and export for cloud storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box
  • Copy all text to clipboard
  • Send text as email, text message, tweet, Facebook status, Evernote and any app that supports Action on text
  • Open file in any export format in another app like Word or Pages.
  • Email file in any export format as an attachment.

Supported Markdown Formatting

  • Headings, level 1-6
  • Bulleted list
  • Numbered list
  • Bold and Italic
  • All other Markdown features are supported in HTML and RTF export, but not styled in the text window and not supported in Word export
  • Text-to-Speech Proofreading

    • 5 Build-in iOS English voices
    • Use any voice purchased and installed in Voice Dream Reader
    • Speech rate from 110 to 700 word per minute
    • Edit pronunciation rules dictionary
    • Speak word when typing
    • Speak sentence when typing
    • Speak on tap for Word Finder and Outline
    • Two preset proofreading styles: Natural and Detailed
    • Speak punctuation, configurable to None, Some, or All
    • Option to pause at each word
    • Spell homophones
    • Announce misspelled word
    • Check spaces and news line issues

    Visual Settings

    • 12 beautiful fonts, each with a bold option
    • Text size up to 90 points
    • Character space, line spacing and margin adjustment
    • Paragraph style
    • 3 Present color themes, each adjustable
    • Color theme apply to text and the entire UI